Karen Anderson

Karen Anderson

Weaver, Knitter, Designer



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I’ve always been a maker. I started out sewing beanbags on my mom’s sewing machine, graduated to plastic mesh and discovered wire beaded flowers in high school. I graduated from The Theatre School at DePaul University with a BFA in Lighting Design. During my college years, I learned to knit and that has been a passion ever since. My kids are all in school full time now and I have new-found time to spend creating. I’ve been designing fair isle hat patterns, making small looms and weaving tools in my mini-woodshop, and travelling downtown to work on our library MakerSpace’s laser cutter/engraver.


I never know what will inspire me or catch my eye. I love it when an idea forms from something I've read or heard. For the past year I’ve been knitting colorful hats using the Fair Isle technique. I love designing little motifs that repeat around the hat and I love the process. Knitting the rows around and round-watching the images grow from the bottom up one row at a time. I like trying new techniques and never waiting until every little problem is solved. I just dive in and see what happens. I solve problems as I go or decide to make a change on the next attempt.