Janie Yates

Janie Yates

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If I had to describe myself in only a few words it would be this: Jane of All Trades, Artist at Large.

I have always had a very deep need to learn about and do everything related to yarn and fabric. I started bugging my mom to teach me to sew when I was seven, learned to crochet and macrame when I was nine and added tatting, knitting, embroidery, beadwork and braiding to my skill set before finishing high school. I learned batik, shibori and weaving at Berea where I earned a Bachelor of Art with an emphasis in textiles.

My grand plan was to attend graduate school and then teach textiles at the college level. The universe however, had other plans for me. I married soon after graduating college, had my son and daughter, and for the next 24 years was very fortunate to be a full time mom. While my children were growing up I continued to acquire new skills and perfect existing ones through study, research and workshops. Quilting, clothing design, basketry, jewelry making, spinning, kumihimo, bobbin lace, several forms of band weaving and shoe making were added to my repertoire.

In addition to continuing to learn and create my own art I have also taught numerous and widely varied textile related classes to children and adults at the Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati, in local school districts, through a United Way funded agency and in local yarn stores for the past 25 years. It gives me great satisfaction to teach a student a new skill that brings them joy. I love teaching.

I am honored and excited to be part of this talented and energetic group of artists who are By Hand Textiles.


While I was studying art at Berea, the question of content was always the most difficult one for me to answer. My first unedited response would have been this: Because I like making pretty things to wear, use and look at .. because it makes me happy. That never felt like an adequate answer, so I would drum up some flowery wordage I thought was necessary for a good grade. Now that I am older and wiser I realize my first answer was the best one because it was the truth.
I create every day because it brings me joy, and when I don’t get to create I am unhappy. It’s that simple.