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Grind and Glaze is inspired by the Tessa's upbringing in rural Ohio and is an homage to her parents: the miller and the potter. Grind and Glaze is dedicated to creating garments made of eco-friendly textiles like organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, silk, and tencel, while keeping production in the United States. Tessa attended the Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning school at the University of Cincinnati. Throughout the five year program she interned at Marchesa, Michelle Boor Shoes, VPL, Free People, and Calle Evans.

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In the late 1970s my parents purchased a working historic gristmill in rural Ohio and created a life for themselves as a miller and a potter. Years later, they turned the business of the mill into a non-profit organization so it could remain open to the public. They have instilled in me the importance of maintaining high standards of quality and remaining ethically grounded. Their lifestyle and their appreciation for the handmade, for history, for art and for the environment influenced my development and continue to inspire me. They are the inspiration behind my brand, Grind and Glaze.

When designing new garments, I shuffle between sketching and draping fabric. I keep in mind the Grind and Glaze woman, the lifestyle she lives, and where she might wear the pieces I create. I tend to use sustainable textiles and have founded my brand on remaining socially and environmentally ethical. This influences my choice of textiles.